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    secure mail forms?

    what i'm trying to do:

    vistor enters personal information into a mail form, they select "Submit" and the information travels securely to the web site database.

    what would be the best way to go about making that secure?

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    I think that you may be confusing things a bit. A form that is filled in on a web site can be sent via email but it does not have to be. Indeed, many sites will likely have a web based form that does a straight insert into a database.

    What technology does the back end of your site use (PHP, Java, etc)? This will dictate how you'll want to implement this.
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    If it's going from form straight into the database, you just need to make sure the connection between the user and the server is secure (SSL encryption). Regardless of language, that should do it.

    Now if the data is sensitive, like passwords and credit information, that's something else entirely and needs a bit more to secure it.
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    thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback, it will be most helpful.

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    Don't forget to ensure that the link between you and the database is also secure, when it comes to retrieving the data.

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    @readyrick, though it may seem like the kind of thing that would be second nature to remember- i'm glad you posted that. wouldn't that be a laugh if I did it on one end and not the other.

    thanks for the reminder

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