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    * Elena Desserich - notes left behind

    Six-year-old Elena Desserich died of brain cancer in 2007 but left notes and pictures for her family all over their Cincinnati home, hiding them in bookshelves and drawers. Each one they find tucked into bookshelves, dishes in the china cabinet, corners of dresser drawers, bags of stored clothing is like she's sending "a little hug," say her mom and dad. "We don't even know when her notes started. We have three Rubbermaid boxes full." There could be 300, they haven't counted.

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    That's very touching. Thank you for sharing that link

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    That's very very sad yet its quite inspiring. She had no idea she was going to die from brain cancer, but felt her body slipping away. She wanted to make sure her family knew everything was going to be okay.

    Beautiful story!
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