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    How Do You Trace Name Servers?

    How do I trace name servers back to the web hosting company?
    There is a website that is sharing my copyrighted information and I want to contact their hosting company.

    They are using nameservers

    Anyone have a tool for this?


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    Do a whois lookup on the domain name and see who the administrative contact is.

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    You should post the domain here. The steps aren't always the same depending on the scenario...

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    I find this site very helpful in searching for things
    Currently hosting with Big Brain Global Networks

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    Worst case scenario, look for the IP info ( and contact that entity. It should put the wheels in motion.

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    Go to and use the ping tool to grab the IP address from the name server.

    Then use the Network Lookup option to query the IP and this should return the Org Name for the IP address.

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    I use this one
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