Hello WHT members!

I know the economy is a little bit tough at the moment, and I know many people have been laid off recently, and people are trying to get their internet ideas off the ground.

Here in my hometown, we're facing a very high unemployment rate (18+%), and I know many other cities and towns are facing the same thing.

If you've had an idea about opening up a website, or anything, I'd love to help in any way possible. So I'm releasing a crazy special.

Current Specials

Get 85% off of your first month's invoice!!! We'd love to help you get off the ground. This applies to our Shared, Reseller, and RentACore CPUbased hosting. All you have to do is enter "midoctober" as the coupon code without quotes.

We also have a stellar yearly hosting special below:

Would you like to get a whole year's worth of hosting, for only $9.95? Well, here it is! It's not a scam, and it's not a trick. You may be asking how we can offer something that low. Basically, this package has lower amounts of resources than are available to our normal packages. So it's no trick, gimmick, or scam. It comes with the following:

Diskspace: 200Mb
Bandwidth: 2Gb

It comes with all the features that are big accounts have, with the exception of add-on domains. This package is for single domains only. For more information about our features, just check it out below. This package is for new customers only, and is not available on our website.

To order, just click HERE!

This new special doesn't require a promo code, and is available until 11/30/09.

About us: We don't operate from a reseller account. We operate out of the Gigenet Facility! We think your site should fly, so we always keep the server loads low. Right now, it's staying around 0.14 which is awesome! We always look for ways to make your sites fast, but give the security and the features that you need!

We have excellent packages, and they include the top features of the industry. All of our packages come with RVsitebuilder PRO, MySQL 5, PHP 5, Subversion, CVS, R1Soft Backup, Installatron, and much much more!

Shared Plans

Our shared plans start from $5.00 to $11.99, monthly.
Diskspace: 1GB to 5GB
Bandwidth: 25GB to 200GB
Unlimited Features (Emails, FTP, etc)!
Can include limited WHM access on request!


Rent-A-Core CPU Based Hosting!

Our Rent-A-Core shared accounts start from $11.99 to $259.00, monthly!
Diskspace: 6GB to 100GB
Bandwidth: 45GB to 1,000GB
CPU: 1/8th of a Core (about 250Mhz + Burst) to 4 Cores (about 8Ghz + Burst)


We have strict quality standards for these accounts! If you have high usage sites or forums, these accounts are for you! Do you keep getting booted from other providers for using too many resources? These accounts are for you! We encourage you to use all the space and bandwidth that is allocated to you!
Limited WHM access is also available!

Payment Options

We proudly accept all major credit cards, as well as paypal payments. Our orders are processed by paypal. Accounts are activated quickly, but are screened by Maxmind. We also do phone verifications if the maxmind report and our manual fraud checks dictate that we should.

Available with all Hosting Plans

- $10.95 .COM, .NET, .ORG domain registrations

Our Server Specs

- Dual Xeon Processors
- CentOS Linux 5.3 Enterprise
- 4GB Ram Minimum

We always use top of the line hardware! Every new server ordered is going to be the fastest server available and within reason for the usage!

Premium Tier 1 Bandwidth!

InveHosting General Information

- 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
- 24/7 E-mail/Ticket Support
- On Demand Live Chat
- Monthly Contracts Standard! We don't force long billing terms!
- Stable Network
- Free Backups using the powerful R1Soft!!!
- Price Lock guarantee! We will never raise your price, although we may lower it
- ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com for resellers!
- Unlimited features for Email, MySQL, etc.
- 30 day money back guarantee!
- All accounts are verified! Cuts down on fraud and black listing!
- We do NOT overload our servers!

Support Methods

- Live Chat (http://www.invehosting.com) Can be accessed from the top right corner of any page (Sales is 24/7, support through live chat is not 24/7)
- Ticket Support (http://clients.invehosting.com)

- Email Support ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

Thanks for reading!!!!