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    Any experience with TrippLite racks?

    I've been quite happy with the TrippLite equipment we've used in the past and I'm looking for good quality, reasonably priced racks to use in our commodity DC. One interesting one I came across was being sold by Dell alongside the Dell PowerEdge 4210 we use for the main USSHC DC - the TrippLite SR42UBEXP.

    If anyone has any hands on experience with TrippLites racks/cabinets I'd be interested in hearing about it. I'm very happy with the PowerEdge racks but since I can find the TrippLites, which appear to be very comparable in design, for about 1/2 the price I'd be willing to consider them.
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    We have had one Tripplite rack come through our warehouse. I thought it was nice looking and well designed (although it seemed a bit flimsy during transport).
    We still have a few new-in-the box Dell Poweredge 4210 racks available which may save you some money...
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