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    webhost for sale, no customers fully automated


    a new web hosting service for sale, there are no customers but site is fully automated with billing system, custom design and logo

    fantasctico license included
    value of $79 worth of domains prepaid from OnlineNIC domain reseller
    demo tutorials from demowolf

    site is

    site runs on our servers which we use for another project hence we do not pay anything

    asking price is $600
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    Very nice design and offer!

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    honestly good site but price is really high

    is the price negotiable , if yes contact me and i will make the first offer for you

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    pm me offer and i will let u know

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    i can't PM you i am new user
    but i will pay 250$ only because of design and prepaid amount of domain
    as i will host the site in my server and there are no customers
    i think you will refuse but believe me it's the max amount

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    too little indeed, i mean only the design work costs way more, time to install the billing, fees to integrate and all, aint worth it

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    this is a 100% custom design, no cheap pre made templates, go and ask and u see how much it will cost u to design

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    Quote Originally Posted by elias78 View Post
    this is a 100% custom design, no cheap pre made templates, go and ask and u see how much it will cost u to design
    When I mean premade, it's branded under a name already. I can go get a similar design made and coded for less then $600.

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    $350 if psd included. PM me if this buys it.
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    make it $400 and it is urs

    let me know

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    I'm on a budget so I'll stick with $350. Good luck with your sale.

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    I'll go $351

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    Can you confirm this is a full owned license of WHMCS with moderators by verification?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elias78 View Post
    make it $400 and it is urs

    let me know
    I'll take it for $400. Please send payment details to hostspring at

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    Do you sale just the design?

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    site sold, thanks everyone for your interest

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    Out of interest, how much did this sell for ?
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