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    Which software for an online shop?

    Ideally something extremely user friendly and customisable with good SEO support.

    Any suggestions?

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    Well there are many applications that can be used which will suit your needs fine. I will recommend Magento Commerce (Open Source), PrestaShop (Open Source) and Interspire Shopping Cart (Paid).
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    I as well recommend Interspire Shopping Cart followed by Magento Commerce - they are both solid products.
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    I too will suggest you to have a check with Magento.

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    Magneto is very well put together and it's open source . Also, there are plenty of hosts out there that offer Magneto optimized hosting as well, which should make your website run more efficient and smooth.
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    If you are looking for Open Source, I would recommend Magneto Commerce. You can also look at Pinnacle Cart which is a paid version but very easy to install/use/maintain.

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    Personally, I'd recommend the Miva Merchant shopping cart.
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    Magento and Prestashop are the main open source carts that are used nowadays.
    I've read that magento uses a lot of resources and is not recommended for shared host plans.

    Here are some comparisons:

    DO NOT go for WP-commerce. I tried it and it is really missing basic functions, tho it is developed rapidly.

    I have also used Joomla with Virtuemart for a shopping cart and it suits my needs. Joomla is very good if you want to have some additional sections besides the e-shop.

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    i recommend ,it has many more features than magento.
    but it is paid.

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    Do you prefer free license of you'd willing to pay for a quality product? Tehre are number of shopping carts. SOmeone mentioned Pinnacle Cart and I would add it worths the money. I'll also recommend Foxycart, Virtuemart (for Joomla sites) and Cubecart. I have also received good review about Magento and I saw some folks mentioned it above. However my suggestion is to choose shopping cart that is tested and used from more people who use the same CMS as you. If your content management system is in-house then you know better which e-commerce solution to choose.
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    As you can see from the above posts you have a little "shopping"of your own to do to decide what's best for you. If you need a web site as well as a shopping cart/store I would suggest a host that offers the site builder by Soholaunch. They have probably the best e-commerce module for their web site builder. An entire "re-do" done this summer that seems far above othe site builders who offer shopping carts.

    I haven't seen everything that's mentioned here but freeware/ open source is always nice and I'd suggest looking at their forums and see what others are doing with it to see if any look like what you have in mind. Most all open-source programs have active user forums and users often put the site links in their profiles.. Another benefit is most any host can handle all the open source programs on shared accounts (with dedicated IP) so that gives you plenty of choices in any reasonable price range (I wouldn't recommend staking my on-line business on a free or 50 cent to $2 a month host. (I did see a host with 50 cent packages today.... guess they don't take credit cards )

    But with open source I even have once customer who built a shopping cart (very nice by the way-about 150-200 items, maybe more.) But it's built with Joomla-the program usually used for Blogging & such-so there's much that can be done with open source. I wouldn't have ever thought of a Joomla based store.

    It's just a matter of what suits your particular needs. Best of luck.
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    I would give a praise for Magento, They are very good
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