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    Hello , evry body
    i have registered on to Get a VPS .
    the prices are very good and the Datacenter is " " .
    i need your reviews about if any body is or was a customer on it .

    note : they told me that i'll get the VPS after 24 hours is it normal or what ?

    Great Thanks
    Ahmed Saleh

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    It depends, setup times may vary from company to company. But in general it is somewhere between 1-6hours for vps.
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    Thanks , 24shells .
    i'm still waiting the VPS

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    Keep us updated, most provider setup time is within 12 hours but may take up to 24 hours.

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    Since you have already bought, why not do a review yourself?

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    i have registered with them yester day

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    can you please post the ip or domain of your vps once get it? at least WHT members can help to monitor the consistency. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    Server IP: ,second IP:

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    Is there any configuration i should do before starting ?
    and i requested from the support team to install cPanel on my VPS with 5$ monthly .

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    cpanel with $5/m?
    wow, a nice price.....

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    you can check it here :

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOnly92 View Post
    Since you have already bought, why not do a review yourself?
    I don't think making a review with a host you haven't been with even for a week would be helpful..

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    Of course, I was trying to say wait till he experience the host for a while then a review will be useful.

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    i wanted to get the customers reviews before recieve my VPS .
    overall , ihave requested to Cancel the Order becouse they are too slow .
    i have got the VPS after 48 hours , and i forgot to request cPanel while register .
    after i've got the VPS i requested th cPanel on my VPS and they told me that i have to wait another about 3 days becouse this is the Billing Dept holiday .
    i need to do any thing fast and i'll not gappy with them .

    i'm still searching about a good company .

    Can you give me reviews about : ?
    Or tell me about any company offer VPS with 1 G.B (RAM) or 512 m.b
    with Unlimited Traffic and HDD 60 G.B

    thanks a lot

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    Wow 48hrs for a VPS is really sad. Delivery should be 10 minutes-4 hours depending on the VPS software and of course cPanel isn't the fastest install in the world. I can understand why you decided to leave them. Can you let us know how fast they were on the refund and if you even got a refund?

    What price range are you looking for with 1GB RAM and 60GB disk?

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    the Cancellation process will done in 5 Business fays .

    Now my problem is solved after transfering the bigest website to Hostgator as shared hosting , they let me use 25% of the resources and that is i need .

    and the rest of accounts under my Reseller account i leaved them on the reseller until find Good VPS plans for me and to resell them on my company .

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    I have VPS service from them for the entire month. Here is my review...

    Well, it all started well, fast response, fast speed from the VPS and then it started to gone really bad.... cpanel/server/other services start failing. I raised a ticket and they took 2 days to answer me regarding the downtime. Anyways, that cleared and problem persist regarding the slow performance VPS, it performs really slow sometimes I had to restart it at least 3 times a day. Anyways enough ranting.

    LiveChat is 24/7, tho the attitude of the live chat rep are pretty snappy.

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    Mochahost claims to be the no 1 hosting company in the world. Whenever we search on google or any other search engine,

    we get their banner saying "No:1". By seeing this ad, I was attracted to their product and ordered one VPS.

    I was happy with their uptime. But this week I was really frustrated. I got a mail with this subject, "[#KAO-738393]: Server

    scan - account suspended". The content is below..
    "Dear Client,

    Our monitoring system detected that server scans has been executed through your sever.

    Due to the severe nature of the problem we have disabled your VPS server.

    Detailed information is listed below :
    blah blah blahs.... "

    They suspended my whole account, including customers and resellers accounts. Our customers and Resellers were calling us from different places. I went for chating with mochahost, those people guided me to open a support request. Mochahost people can view the ticket id: KAO-738393. I pleaded for their help. But they did not.

    Please download this image and enlarge to see the entire conversation:

    (You can read, at the end, my tone gone worse.. I am sorry.. please understand my situation.)

    So, I request you to stay away from this company. They are good till one extent. When your company is grown up, they will bargain for price. That is their plan to make money. You can see at the end part, they asked me to restore the account for $50/hour. It will take more than two days to restore the whole account. But I am thinking about paying the money, because I have no other choice.

    If you are an existing customer, please move your account to a good company, whether the price is high, I recommend to choose a good one.. but never, never choose mochahost.


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    Whats the point opening a thread three years old? Why not just open your own thread?
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