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    Looking for colo stuff supplier

    I am looking for a new supplier for colocation related stuff like shelfs, powercables, tyraps, etc etc. A shop which has most of the items which come in handy when you are in a datcenter.

    Location does not really matter if they can ship :-)

    Let me know where you get your stuff.

    Thanks !!

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    Just a few...
    Gary Simat
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    Between for power and network cables and for various accessories and mounting parts, they should have you covered
    Tranquil Hosting

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    I never go through any one supplier just because even a good one is not going to have the lowest prices on everything... newegg is a great one though!

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    There is a company here called AlTex Electronics. They specifically are a vendor for eveything colo - racks, power, shelfs, etc. Here is their page on Network Hardware:
    They ship products if you need.

    There must be local providers like that around you somewhere.
    I always prefer to find a local provider so I can see and touch the items before purchasing.

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    Stayonline is the best vendor for power-related items I've ever dealt with. Several times we've been in a bind and they've shipped obscure cables with Saturday delivery to make sure I got them on time. Very easy to work with and excellent selection.
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    We like to get our power and network cables from StayOnline. For things like PDUs, Provantage usually works well.
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    I use Stayonline for my cabling, and Provantage for my PDU's as well.

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