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    Need info about forex hosting

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to know more about forex and how it is could be related with hosting. I saw some threads about forex vps or similar names, but what is it?

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    forex is foreign exchange and generally this term is used in relation to currency trading. This trading is done by software application/platform which is hosted online on a server. So a hosting provider which provides software application/platform on its servers by default is a forex hosting provider. Forex VPS is most popular as it provides resources equivalent to dedicated server and is cost effective. A VPS is a virtual division of Server into many parts in which each part gurantess a minimum RAM, Processor , Hard Disk etc
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    Thank you
    Do you know where I can get more information about it, using, installing to servers? - Professional Multi-Location Web Hosting Service.
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    I would have a look on some Forex forums as they are more related to the area.
    From what I know most Forex people get a windows VPS and install their Forex software as this has a faster internet connection and can more importantly be on 24/7.
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