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    Taking Payments

    Hi All,

    I hope this is the correct section to post, i'm redoing a website for someone and they want to take payments but don't have a merchant account, he has another site that has a page that people fill in all their detials including card details and when it is submitted it is encrypted and sent, anyone know how to do this, would it be possible to make a form that will send via email but use it with an ssl cert?

    Once I get his current page I'll post the link so you guys can look over it.

    Many Thanks

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    Page that custoemrs insert their data

    Decrypt Page

    Theres also a couple of php pages, I have tried the encform, not sure if theres anything missing it was transfered accross to my hosting, but I can't seem to get it to work..

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    Well, you could set up an SSL certificate on the domain or subdomain where the forms going to be filled out and sent:

    Once sent, it'll go to the e-mail address. You could go one step further an encrypt the e-mail via TLS, but it can be expensive and probably something a larger organisation might do.

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    trouble is i can't get those to work, so I think there's something missing, and it's for another site, I was just going to use the may be best of starting again.

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    Maybe you should look into using World pay, That’s one of the most secure payment methods to use than having a few php scripts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jardin View Post
    Maybe you should look into using World pay, Thatís one of the most secure payment methods to use than having a few php scripts.
    I would also reccomend World Pay.

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    he doesn't want to shell out for things like that he is a small business, the links about as he knows it works as hes usued it he wants it doing again

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    Tell him to get paypal, its free.

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    He should use paypal. the majority of people have paypal accounts and the fees are small. Payments are completely secure so there is no SSL or anything for you to worry about setting up.

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    I also use World Pay for clients that are worried about security. Once you setup your account, which takes awhile everything runs smoothly from then on.

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