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    Check nameservers Of CSF Error RFC 2182


    Does any have the solution for the Check nameservers of CSF error Error RFC 2182 (located in a topologically and geographically dispersed location on the Internet). I have not found any proper solutions other than ignore the error in many forum. But it should have a proper solution somewhere If any one as the exact solutions provide here so that everyone will feel good
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    The firewall states that the name servers you are using should be in different locations so if either of those fail, your website should stay online. So the solution is either have 2 different servers for different name servers OR use the name servers of your hosting company which are on 2 different subnets (in this case, you will not be able to manage the zone file).

    If you just have a couple of servers at the moment and want to use your name servers, you can ignore the warning message for now. But it's definitely a good idea to have separate servers for name servers when your servers increases.
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