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    Yankees win the world series


    I was hoping for another game, oh well congrats Yankees. That's what you get for being the highest paid team in the league
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    Congrats to them. I usually gripe about their high payroll but I thought it was cool they won in their new stadium.

    One question though for those who watched... was it me or did the stadium lack fireworks when they won? Seemed quite boring and bland to what I remember from years past.

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    I havent seen the World Series in years either. I recall the Yankees winning. Heh, from what I understand that was prolly 4 years ago.

    Oh yeah... Im also supposed to say, "at least them Phillies didnt repeat!".
    (hehe my roomate must have been paying attention).
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    FINALLY! So now that baseballs over (Thank God!) Back to Football
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