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    Looking for a Colo in LA with emphasis on "MANAGED" colocation

    Hi there,

    First post! I've done a search but can't really find what I'm looking for.

    I work for a small IT company that also runs a hosted CRM application. Right now the site is hosted by Rackspace and consists of 2 servers and a firewall. Our price is upwards of $1500/mo for this set up. We KNOW we pay a lot, but uptime and fast support are VERY important to us and I have not found any company with support levels as good as Rackspace.

    Now, we also have our own rack at our office for our internal use as well as email, monitoring, etc.

    We're looking for a Colo that offers half rack in Los Angeles, but the important part for us is the service level. Even though we are in IT, we rarely have time to managed our OWN servers. We're looking for a company that can monitor our servers for us as well as perform tasks like restarting an app pool or restarting IIS if needed, etc. Uptime is VERY important to us, so the monitoring needs to be proactive on their part.

    Anyone know of any colo's that offer this sort of support?

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    I don't know anyone in LA focus on managed colocation, but for this kind of service, the first name comes up in my mind is Bitpusher. However, they are in Seattle, and seem not work with small customers. Just give you a name that you can consider

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    Peer1 from 600 W 7th comes to mind as the only truly managed service provider that fits your requirements in Los Angeles

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    Thanks for the advice so far! I'll put in a call with Ubiquity and I had no idea Peer1 did colo either.

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    You might ask PacificRack - we colo a rack with them and have been very happy with the service and they have pretty good prices too. I don't know that they do "managed" colocation but they're support is above just average colocation support from our experience, maybe you could make it work.
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    We do indeed provide managed colocation with 24x7 proactive monitoring and response and the original posters requirements would fall into the services we can offer.
    Thanks for the recommendation Larry, we try very hard to set ourselves apart from the competition.

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    Please note that managed colocation is far away from unmanaged colocation with good service. I can list good names in unmanaged colocation, but managed colocation is just a few.

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    Thanks for the advice folks! We've actually decided to stick with unmanaged colo for now as even the managed colo operators that I've contacted do not have a remote-hands service sla or guarantee.

    As a follow up though, anyone have any idea on colo's in LA that have "above and beyond" service and remote hands team? Im looking for 24/7 staffing and I dont want to worry about waiting in queue or waiting for a call back when a support request comes in.

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    I'd recommend .. they've got one data center in downtown LA and one right at LAX, and they really focus on "managed" services, even for just a half-rack, etc.. Great noc staff at both locations that'll do anything, and they're still a relatively small company so the CEO etc. are always available too. Give them a try!

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