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    Post finding the right host (I'm already helpless...)

    I were already at two paid hosts and had no good experience.
    Then I have tried a few freehosts and saw a lot of rubbish.
    I searched and searched, chatted to support chats of hosts - but no luck yet!
    then I came here and now I ask you to find a right (US) hosting service...

    First I tell you what site I have, that you can truly estimate:
    I have a private website and on it are many photoshop pictures for the design of my website (15kb-200kb per picture).
    I offer 3D models for binary downloading in zip files (filesize
    1 MB - 15 MB each). I need html, php, SSI, mysql, phpmyadmin, .htaccess and cpanel. I have alexa tracking, google ads and few other javascript tracking providers on my site which are loading heavy according to my former hosts opinion. I have few banner ads, popups, flash animations, the usual things on a site that it looks good to gamers. Gamers are my main audience.
    Diskspace used: currently 500 MB.*
    Bandwidth: currently 150 GB / month*
    Daily unique hits / pages: 15000.*
    * Those values might grow in future.
    Optional I have a bb forum for responses and questions installed, but I would reduce to HTML only, if it would be needed.
    One host kicked me out without warning because of bandwidth / CPU, before I have used the bandwidth limit specified in my hosting plan.
    Another one threw me out without notification because of 'abuse of server resources', whereby the reason or script has been not specified.
    In both cases I have no clue what I had to do about.
    I have only HTML, a MYBB, pictures, javascript, one database
    and lots of traffic ofc.
    Now I need a host who is willing / able to host that.
    It's a private non-profit site, so the costs should be adequate.
    I think I'm unable to go dedicated by fees, it should be still shared hosting.
    My competition has similar sites, even larger. They host for free or for shared fees. I cannot ask them and didn't find out where they would host.

    A domain I have already. Need just the DNS servers to point to a new host.

    Maybe someone of you can point me to the right place. Thank You!

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    It seems like you are having CPU usage issues with your site. At 150GB bandwidth, it's time to upgrade to a VPS, as it seems you've outgrown the shared environment, especially if you have repeatedly gotten in trouble with your previous hosts regarding CPU usage, and if you expect those values to grow. Unfortunately, a fully managed VPS with cPanel will set you back a lot more than a shared hosting account ($30-$50/mo), but if you continue with shared hosting you will very likely continue getting suspended/terminated by hosts for using too much CPU. You may also want to take a look at semi-dedicated solutions, which are basically like shared hosting, except less crowded, which gives you more access to CPU power and bandwidth.

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    IGXHost should suit your needs, but you'll need a custom plan as Johnathan the owner was able to adjust my plan to suit my needs. Using 100GB+ of bandwidth monthly.

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    I'm not sure if I'm having really CPU issues or the host searched a reason to terminate. I had sometimes a peak of 100 visitors at once, in average are 30-50 members at the same time online.
    I'm not against dedicated hosting as long it stays affordable / reasonable for a private person and the host doesn't prompt each month for the next server upgrade. I'm afraid these frequent server upgrades which I have been urged with a site before (I were already one time dedicated with the same site only a bit another topic). I've spend alltogether (that was three years ago) an unimaginable amount of money on dedicated server upgrades, one at each month.
    Afterwards I recognized (by help of nice members) that the host scammed me (for upgrading).
    A nice member of mine - he knows my competitors a bit - told me to use another forum system to save on server resources. So I did and I thought that I had solved the problem with it. And it seemed to be solved, because my sites were loaded much faster. However I got another problem: My traffic just grew from that time 6 GB to now 150 GB a month without any spectacular reason. I was surprised about it. And shortly after it the two hosts have found reasons (I assume so) to remove me. I had no loading problems and I felt no troubles in server load or something like that.
    However I'm ready to fix 'my' scripts if a host supports me in it.
    But they didn't said, they just removed me.
    And I have nothing self-coded, just the usual MYBB, few usual html sites
    with javascripts and the usual web-glitter on it. The appropriate and usual things just, but downloads in zip files ofc.

    IGXHost? I never heard about it, but a custom plan sounds good.
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    What is your budget? <<snipped>>
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    I've found their site already and bookmarked, but anyway thanks.
    Thank you for your stats. SMF is a bit more resource friendly than MYBB so it quite loads quick.
    Had three years ago already 100K members altogether registered, now I started out only on the first 10k, however traffic is going crazy in comparison to the 100K members three years ago).
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    What is your budget?
    I'm very flexible in this matter. However I wouldn't like to change my host again or having any interrupted services. Since I know, that my competitors spend not much money on their hosting, I would like to find the cheapest solution possible.

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    My ISP landline had a temporary problem.

    Thank you GigeWeb for your reply, my problem with finding the right host seems to be solved now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandend View Post

    My ISP landline had a temporary problem and the website didn't loaded anymore for me while we talked. I'm there in the box again still waiting to re-connect.
    Try closing out of the chat and re opening a new one.

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    I also suggest a VPS on your requirement.150G's bandwidth really outgrowns the shared hosting quotas.
    Let me see, seems have a good reputation in VPS area.
    HostEase Hosting - Professional Web Hosting
    SoftLayer Datacenter and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    24/7/365 Technical Support
    Support Center|Call us at (302)-353-4678.

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    A VPS might be a good solution, but be aware you have to consider how you are going to manage it; you can have these with all kind of services, from unmanaged, re-active managed and pro-active managed. In general shared-hosting is pro-active managed by the hosting companies as it is their own service, with a VPS this is often somewhere between unmangaed to re-active managed (you have to ask your host to do something).

    Another solution might be a Semi-Dedicated environment which is just like a shared-hosting account but in general has a lot less websites running on it.

    Of course there are other ways to manage your downloads; and lessen the load on your website; with a 150GB bandwidth you may even use some CDN services to lessen the load on your shared-hosting acount but also that would make the downloads from all over the world much faster for the interested visitors.

    A combination of any of these techniques may help you build a rock solid site. Admitedly you have to decide if this type of services fit in your budget.

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    Thank you all for your helpful comments. I've bookmarked each suggested host just for the case.
    At the moment I'm trying out a custom plan and I'll see if it fits to my needs. Advanced adjustments (VPS, semi-dedicated whatsoever) are always options which can be taken, if all other possibilities are already exhausted. I got some help how to reduce my used bandwidth and I think, that I'll make the page design more slim to save additionally on server resources.
    Also I'll have a closer look into the scripts and settings. Maybe some scripts or settings which aren't needed could be omitted from the project.

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    You could check the offer forum as well just to have more choices. Hope you find what you're looking for. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by layeronline View Post
    javascript is client-side scripting so it doesn't affect server performance.
    In some way it does, if the javascript is nearly 1 MB large e.g. for picture previews and image zooming etc. 1 MB needs also to be downloaded each time if the page loads, even if the script will be executed on the client side, the download impacts too
    So I will make some adjustments to this and other bandwidth killers (images, media, scripts, flash-files whatsoever).

    Quote Originally Posted by akirah
    You could check the offer forum as well just to have more choices. Hope you find what you're looking for. =)
    Thanks! Made some bookmarks in advance.

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