Hiya Folks,

Ive been playing with this machine for too long and im at the end of my tether with it. As much as i love Apple Macs i simply now have to give up turning it into a webserver.

PowerMac Specs :

Processor : Dual 2.0GHz G5
Ram Installed : 5 GB
Hard Disk Installed : 500GB
Optical Drive : DVD-RW Superdrive

Additional Hardware Included :
1 x Boxed Slimline Wired Aluminium Keyboard + Apple Wired Mighty Mouse

Everything inside it works however this would make a great mac based server. Ive lost the will and also brought a copy of OS X 10.5 - 10 Client Server which is being sold on eBay as we speak.

My main reason for posting it here is because you dont see many Apple PowerMac's turned into servers and i know that the right person would be able to get this to work.

Ive tried MAMP however i wanted to set it up as a shared server with more than just 1 account.

Pricing :

Im open to offers at the present time however i am also a Macintosh Dealer and i know what the market prices are so please dont make any silly offers as they will go without any replies.

Shipping :

I can only ship to the UK, Europe. Collection is also welcome at postcode : TN37 6HP, UK

UPS UK Pricing : 40.00
DHL EuroPlus Pricing : 70.00

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions and i will be willing to give answers.

Best Regards,