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    5 Simple Steps To Start Selling Online - A Basic Tutorial

    1. Figure Out What You Are Going To Sell

    These days, anything and everything is sold online. If you are already the owner of a brick and mortar business then you should definitely be offering your goods or services on the Internet. By selling on the Internet you can reach millions of prospective shoppers worldwide rather than simply those in your local community. The key is to remember that the Internet is a global marketplace and setting up an online store will reach customers worldwide and surely increase your profits.

    2. Setup A Domain Name

    Go to a domain name registrar page (GoDaddy,Enom, etc.) to check the availability of your desired website name and set it up. You also might want to do a search to see if there are preexisting sites with similar names to avoid any confusion. Remember that you want something catchy, short and sweet and easy to remember.

    3. Find a Web Host / Build Your Website

    Create your homepage with Site Studio or a similar program. A good web host will include some sort of site design program for free. Remember, it is imperative to establish “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. These pages establish trust and give shoppers an open line of communication with you to answer any questions they might have. Shoppers will tend to not trust buying from sites that do not have physical addresses and phone numbers where they can be reached. During this process you also need to setup your shipping and return policies so customers feel secure purchasing from your site.

    4. Setup Your Shopping Cart Software

    The size of your store, the traffic your store generates and the bandwidth you will need are all factors you will need to take into consideration when setting up your hosting and shopping cart accounts. You also have the option to host your store on shared or dedicated servers depending on size and traffic.

    5. Start Taking Orders And Begin Doing Business!

    Make sure you are PCI Compliant so you can legally accept credit card offers.

    Like the title says, this post is meant to be a basic guide to give prospective online merchants a basic idea of what goes in to starting a business online. By no means does this cover all the bases. Please feel free to comment and add steps, ideas, advice....
    Forrest Yingling -- WebNet Hosting LLC
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    Rep:5 Simple Steps To Start Selling Online - A Basic Tutorial

    Hello Forresty

    Just additional info about online marketing.
    This will be a guide for those who are planning to market their goods and services online. I know there are plenty of ways but only few that really works. Being aware of the common mistakes that businessman do to their business is also a good marketing strategy. We don't only know the do' s we must also know the don't s and we can utilize our own unique marketing strategy. An live chat software for example is also a good strategy though its really up to you as an entrepreneur on what is the most practical strategy for your business. I'm going to share to you the article I have read few days ago. My friend is using this live support software and she shared to me that the tool really helped her a lot. She's getting better profit compared to what she got in the previous months. She's new to this tool I loved all she shared that's my I'm also sharing this right now.


    Important factors are I think emphasized there, so I hope it could also help to those who will come across. If there are other marketing strategies you know I will appreciate it if you post it here.
    Thank you!


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    Nice tutorial. Just to add to it, if you ar a novice you can use a hosted shopping cart. There are many companies out there that provides hosted solutiong. That means, you will not need to design your website but just use the themes that are available via the shopping cart. You will signup with them, create your account and start creating your store.

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