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    Cpanel error (VPS)

    I have fresh cpanel, but when i create account it doesn't put public_html and public_ftp folder in the account...

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    Are you creating the account through WHM? Is there an error upon creation?

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    cPanel support should be able to help you, they've always been super fast and friendly at fixing issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adrovek View Post
    I have fresh cpanel, but when i create account it doesn't put public_html and public_ftp folder in the account...
    never seen sort of error in WHM/cPanel.
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    It sounds as though you either are looking in the wrong directory or cpanel failed on the account creation.

    Be sure you are looking in /home/<user>/ for the public_html directory. If it doesn't exist try recreating the account and if it doesn't work properly post up the error.

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    What OS are you using?
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    Your best bet in this case is simply to go to cPanel and ask their very helpful support team to take a look.

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    I must agree...this is clearly an issue with the software (cpanel) and should be handled by them. They are the only ones who would have ample knowledge on something they deal with on a daily basis.
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    Never seen this issue before. I guess cpanel was not fully installed, the user is doing something wrong, or resources already hit the fan. Try running /scripts/upcp and see if that fixes it..

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    Could you explain what the procedures you followed while creating.Never seen this before!

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    Did you by any chance play around with /home/xxxx/cpanel3-skel folder (where xxxx = reseller user name)?

    I'd generally do a /scripts/upcp --force, while waiting for forums/cpanel staff to respond/help for such issues.

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