Below are roughly 25 sites for sale. Forgive lack of details on sites. Many nice sites and a few older names. Please read footer as well. $35
The domain alone is worth much more $25
an older domain $15 $20
the page rank is fake (I didnt make it) $20 $20 $20 $25
good domain $15 $45 $29 $20 $25 $25
made one sale $15 $29 $15 $45
very strong older names, these might be a day or two under enom's 7 days push rule $25 $25 $25

Godaddy Domains

www.50413.COM $25
50 products for $13


All names are at enom, save the last two. Sites are mostly newer, but some of the domains are aged, some almost 5 years. No site has been promoted and were built to sell so assume no traffic or sales.

After paypal payment will push domain, send FTP/Cpanel information and allow 2 weeks to transfer to your hosting.

Any site offering product has the product/s are included, but ask to double check. Thanks for looking.