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    * VPS hardening and transfer to DS

    I have a VPS that I would like to have transferred to a dedicated server, and have that server hardened and optimized. I could also use consultation on the DS config and would like ongoing monthly monitoring and support. (I want someone who's in it for the long haul.) Please specify the costs for each service separately.

    Currently using CentOS 4, WHM/Cpanel. There are about 30 sites, mostly Joomla based using 60GB of space and 200GB of traffic, 3 SSL certs. Optimization for Joomla performance is critical. Must be available for video interview over Skype. I'm looking to keep everything as close to $150 as I can keep it (server, WHM/cPanel & mgmt). I'm more than willing to pay extra to get everything setup, transferred and ironed out, though.

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    We will be glad to offer you our System admin and monitoring services 24x7.
    Server Management, Server Security, Server Monitoring.
    India's Leading Managed Service Provider !! Skype: techs24x7

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    Did you get someone to help you out?

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    We can provide you with a cost effective, high quality dedicated server, with free migration and management services. Check out the bottom line of my signature for more information.
    Charles W. @ Nexeon Technologies, Inc. - Have a question? PM or email me directly! - c[@]
    Dedicated servers, colocation, cloud, game servers, on-site & remote DDoS protection, and more! Managed options available.
    Data Centers in Chicago, New York, & more! IPv4 and IPv6 available! Contact us for data center buildout & network consultation. - Instantly delivered dedicated servers located in Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

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    We can do this for you. You can contact us on the following ID's

    AIM : ticketforge
    Hotmail : ticketforge
    Yahoo : ticketforge
    Let us know.

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