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    * Top 5 things to say about any hosting company?

    My friend asked me that, "Hey! How are you doing? I am thinking about buying hosting from this . What do you think?"

    I replied him that,

    "Well, I had a server with them.. Let me tell you something about them,"

    "Value for money: 4/5 points" (their hardwares are worthy)
    "Setup Time: 3/5 points" (they took 2 days to setup. But i read 24 hours setup time on their homepage)

    "Friendly Support: 5/5" (those dudes were skill full and friendly when i asked for os reinstall and other support requests)

    "Datacenter/Infrastructure: 4/5"
    ("good network and I got 2 hours downtime only once")


    Well, I said above 4 things to consider, before buying from a host.

    What would be your top 5 considerations about any host to recommend your friend?

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    The top five things I'd consider before choosing a provider would be:

    1) Reliability
    2) Price
    3) Support
    4) Location
    5) Setup Time

    Not sure if that answered the OP.

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    Interesting question. The criteria that are important to me (kind of mirrors what the previous poster pointed at):

    1. Quality of network: there can be a lot of difference between providers here, even though on their site they offer 'exactly' the same.
    2. Quality of hardware: good specs and proper components (like ECC RAM).
    3. Speed of response on tickets, especially for critical ones. It's important to know that "someone is home" in case there's an issue.
    4. Physical location of DC: can be very important of latency is a big issue.
    5. Pricing: don't bother going for the lowest possible prices, you'll be paying with points 1 to 3. Don't go for most expensive either. Always go for reviews.
    6. Setup time: a 2-4 hour setup time is pretty good. Up to 24 hours is acceptable. Longer is not really good.
    7. Portal: some hosts (like softlayer) have really good portals and even an API to control your servers.
    8. Avoidance of the term 'unlimited'. There's no such thing. The fine print always contradicts this.
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    Here are my considerations:

    1. Support: A company without proper support is doomed to failure, no matter how good they are in other things.

    2. Quality of hardware: I need good quality hardware.

    3. Quality of network: This does not need to be explained further:-)

    4. Pricing: Reasonable prices. Not just being greedy and jacking up the prices.

    5. Automation: Self service portal that lets me do common operations without contacting support. The best one I have seen is

    6. Avoidance of the term unlimited: There is no such thing indeed. I would rather be with a host that gives me the exact quantity I need, rather than this unlimited thing. Unlimited always comes with some stupid condition or the other.

    7. Physical location of DC: This is low down my list since I don't game. I don't need to have the very lowest latency. However, server should be relatively fast from where I am.
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    The five things to be consider are,

    *support 24/7
    *hardware support
    *bandwidth and disk space
    *network quality
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    I only need 3 things.

    Network Quality, Price Value and Hardware Support :-)
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    Generally, a good host will have all aspects covered. If not, you won't recommend them. For example, people have stated they left TP even though hardware/network are great.

    More likely, it's the specific wishes your friend has that determines if the host is good for him/her.

    So here's another list then:

    • Pricing: keeping an eye on specials may lead to nice deals.
    • Bandwidth: some providers offer very generous allotments. If your friends needs < 2TB bandwidth, all good providers are OK.
    • Specific/custom hardware setup.
    • Location: some hosts offer multiple locations though -- SL even offers free bandwidth between locations.
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    I would say
    1.history in this industory.
    2.their support team's quality.
    4.refund guarantee
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    I would have to say in this order

    1.) Network: Must be reliable, speedy, and redundant. What good is spiffy hardware when you cant access the data on it ?
    2.) Hardware: Must preform well with quality hardware that doesn't break every month or go down for unknown reasons
    3.) Self Service: I like doing things myself and not having to ask someone there to do something like assign me another IP address, reboot the server, add rdns for me and remote serial console is a big plus.
    4.) Support: I rarely need support from the provider. As in If the server is up and accessable I wont be contacting them. But if I contact them, its most likely about something critical and time is of the priority. Also I want staff that know what the crap they are doing or its just waisting my time when I have to tell them exactly what to fix that they are responsible for.
    5.) Price: If a server is dirt cheap I will run the other way if im looking for production. Anything below $50/m for me is just to cheap and raises all kinds of flags. Also I wont pay more then $100 for a Single Core CPU machine.

    Thats my opinion, after 8 years of of several diffrent companies.

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    Just tell your friend to buy a server from softlayer and be done with it. Unless of course they need something outside the US.

    You're going to hear the same points from all posters in different orders. It just depends on what your application or mission is as to what is most important.

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    I'd consider
    1. Network
    2. Support
    3. Price
    4. Hardware
    5. Location
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    i think this thread should be locked.
    everyone is pretty much posting the same thing.

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    So? Isn't it positive that people are all in agreement for once?

    Maybe the OP can elaborate...
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    Since I mainly run game servers, here is my top 5:

    1) Location
    2) Price
    3) Hardware
    4) Network
    5) Support

    To be honest though, if any company didn't focus on support being a top priority (live chat, 24/7 support, phone support, etc.), then I wouldn't even bother going with them.

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    Very interesting thread. For me the top 5 things would be as follows:
    1. Quality - do they stand behind their service such as offering an SLA.

    2. Support - Do they provide 24 / 7 support. For me phone support and help desk is very important.

    3. Network / Servers - Where exactly is the server I will be hosted on located? What are the server specs and about how many people do I share the server with?

    4. Diskspace / Bandwidth - offering solid packages and have balanced diskspace and bandwidth if very important.

    5. Cost - I expect to pay for quality and as a result obtain quality service.
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    Interesting that no one list TOS/AUP
    Don't you afraid that some stupid user on your server sent spam from your server after this your server or even account will be destroyed immediately?
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    Thanks for your list friends.. TOS ?
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    I would say

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    For me it's:

    1. Quality of Support
    2. Quality of Network
    3. Reputation (how long in the industry)
    4. Cost
    5. Location

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    The most important for me (in order) would be:

    1)Network: Does the provider in question have a quality network with lots of bandwidth
    2)Support: Will there be someone to help you at 3am in the morning?
    3)Price: Are the prices reasonable ?
    4)Automation: Can you do basic things without needing to open a ticket or emailing in? Especially the basics such as reboots and being able to view bandwidth.
    5)Growing?: Is the company growing? ie. Are they adding new features, improving their datacenter or services continuously?

    oh and let's not forget the company's TOS, Always examine this closely

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