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    * [For Hire] Technical Support Level 1 - 2 - 3

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for stable and permanent Technical Support work: Level-1,2,3

    Experience: 3 years of webhosting industry(technical support) experience.

    Availability & Payment : It will be discussed.

    Catch me on following id's for any further discussion
    MSN : [email protected]
    Gtalk : [email protected]

    Linux Os: CentOs, Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu.
    Control Panel: cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin,HyperVM, Plesk.
    Virtualization: Virtuzzo, HyperVM.

    Server Management:
    Installation and Configuration of LAMP
    Proficiency on cPanel/WHM both frontend and backend.
    Third Party Scripts and softwares Installation and Configuration
    Apache and MYSQL Server optimization
    Troubleshooting problems related to Apache MYSQL, PHP, Exim, DNS, FTP etc.
    Apache compilations
    Network Firewall installation and configurations- CSF, APF, IPTABLES
    Managing websites on the servers..
    Server auditing, Managing Logs, Disks Management, Backups, services checks, updates s/w patches.
    Install and Configure various modules in cPanel
    Tweak Setting for php.ini file for best performance and Security purpose.
    Well familiar with YUM and RPM packages and it's configuration and installation
    Cron Jobs
    Control Panels installations
    cPanel Installation and Optimization

    Virtualization: OpenVZ and Virtuzzo
    Knowledge of OpenVz and Virtuzzo Container
    Install and update OpenVz kernel on Linux Server Node
    Creation of VPS
    Setting up Network parameters for container (VPS) for e.g. Hostname, Ipaddress , Nameservers
    VPS(container) Migration
    Moving/copying container (vps) in hardware node
    VPS Backup/Restore Utilities.
    cPanel Optimization for VPS
    Apache and MYSQL Optimizations.

    Server Monitoring:
    Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Cacti and more.
    Installation and Configuration of Nagios and Cacti
    Monitor Servers and Services for alerts and take appropriate action to investigate the cause of the problem regarding Servers or Services.

    Server Security & Hardening:
    Secure and harden various services like SSH, FTP, Telnet, DNS
    Remove or disable unnecessary services
    Checking files and folder permission for security.
    Secure and Harden PHP, disable unsafe functions from php.ini
    Checking necessary ports and prevents unnecessary ports
    Files and folders permissions and secure /tmp, /var/tmp
    Installation and configuration of CSF, APF, IPTABLES firewall rules
    Checking Network connection and Investigate process activity
    Preventions against DDOS Attack
    Install and update Kernel and softwares for security purpose
    Install and update RkHunter
    Install and update chkrootkit
    Install and update ClamAV antivirus
    Install mod_security for Apache
    Install PortsEntry
    I am well familiar with various Helpdesk and chat softwares: WHMCS , Kayako Support Suite,Provide Support, LiveZilla, LiveResponse and more..

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