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    Looking for a new shared host for a small corporate website

    Hi all.
    I'm urgently looking for a shared hosting for my company's website. The requirements are:

    Min. 500MB of space
    Min. 6GB / month bandwith
    Unix or Linux server
    Shared SSL

    I know VPS or semi-dedicated ones are best for commercial websites but unfortunately they are a little expensive and I thought there are some shared hosts which satisfy my needs.
    My budget is around 150-200USD/yr.

    As a commercial website I need stability and good support.

    Also I want to transfer my domain to the new host if possible and create over 100 email accounts of the domain name.

    No, I do not need unlimited space and bandwidth!!

    Oh yes, 80% of visitors are from Japan, 10% from Chile so I think I need a datacenter on the west coast, or in large cities where fast connection cables are connected.

    If you have any suggestion that would be most helpful!

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    Why don't you get a server in Asia, considering your visitors are 90% from that region?

    A shared host should also be ok for what you're looking for, as long as you look for a good quality provider - you'll be ok.
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    Hi Andes,

    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    Do a search around the Offers Section of the forums. There you will find plenty of reputable hosts that can meet your requirements.

    Good luck!
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    the forum rules don't allow hosts to provide offers here. First, beware of those that don't play by the rules. Second, I see no particular problem to get a suitable host as your requirements and budget are realistic. The best way is to go to the offers section, find some hosts you like, possibly make a shortlist and then ask people for their experiences or look for reviews. Sorry that this might sound kind of exhausting but it should pay off in the end in terms of reliability and stability. Good luck.

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    Your requirements are quite fine, just brows the companies via "web hosting offers" section and re-seach about them before buying anything.

    Best OF Luck

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    I cannot open an account with the Japanese ones because we do not have a physical address there, and it is more expensive. I do not know of any good ones in East Asia...if you know a good quality provider please let me know. Thank you.

    I will do the search, but there are just too many of them.
    I have seen enough ads and paid reviews...
    If you know any good ones yourself please let me know!!

    I want to know if anybody here can recommend me the good ones from their own experience.
    Please let me know if you know any good ones!!

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    Yes, I will do that too.
    But if you know any good ones from your own experience, or from your friends', that meet my requirements please let me know. Thank you.

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    Do an advanced search here in this section for a term such as "review" (or just click here). That should give you plenty of options on who to look at (and who to avoid).

    Good luck!

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