By adding Cristie TBMR to our SAN Managed Backup plan, you do more than keep your data safe. You also gain the ability to back up your operating systems and applications.

This gives you the power to easily bounce back from just about anything the world can throw at your infrastructure. To recover a server and critical systems could take many hours, even days, and put enormous strain on your resources. Our powerful software regularly backs up your networks' key systems, meaning there's much less to reinstall, rebuild and reconfigure if disaster should strike. You'll be up and running again a whole lot faster, saving valuable time and money.

Through Cristie TBMR you can also:

  • Save the storage space and bandwidth of your network
  • Simplify administration due to using only one backup software process - Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
  • Recover an operating system to a particular point in time
  • Eliminate root kit and other disk based viruses
  • Save complex storage configurations whilst leaving other areas untouched

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