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    Testing new Webserver

    I am looking for some decent tools to test a web server that can run large scale web sites running Windows and Linux.

    I am more interested in the underlying hardware at this point to see if the servers them selves are capable of withstanding the loads without choking.

    I am most interested in Disk testing and Network testing but the server but of course the server as a whole is important to since cpu and memory bottle neck can affect everything.

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    I would load the application you wish to test on the web server(s) and run a tool like Tsung on them.

    There is also Apache Benchmark (AB) and Apache JMeter that seem to work very well. Tsung looks promising because it records your browsing patterns with a proxy and can then "reply" your steps on a mass scale. Not to mention that the erlang language is massively robust and scalable.

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    +1 for JMeter. It has worked well for me in the past. You can view a list of open-source testing tools at


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