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    Anyone use Drupal?

    Anyone using Drupal as the website/portal for their web hosting business? I am thinking of implementing it as a website/portal system, but I am trying to find a module related to the webhosting ordering and recurring billing associated with web hosting. Any thoughts on a module that might work? If you are using drupal, how are you using it in your web hosting business?

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    Check out the ubercart module for Drupal.

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    Do you want to stat a website for business based drupal?

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    If drupal is good enough for then it's probably good enough for you

    But in all seriousness, though I've had positive experiences with the CMS myself, I can't speak to its fitness out of the box or with contributed modules for the web-hosting industry.

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    I use Drupal for the main front end of my website, and integrate WHMCS with it.

    i.e. entire site is in Drupal, but the order/support links will take you to the whmcs order cart or client area login.

    Also have a separate wiki, though there are plugins in Drupal which offer the same functionality.

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    The gaming community i'm in use drupal for the front end. with the vbulletin module.

    works ok for what I/we need it for.

    however I dont think it would work as well in the webhosting sector.

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