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    Mail Spider Xtractor, for 1 domain

    hello, I am looking for a Mail Spider (o similar program) that allows me to extract the emails in differents folders in the same domain:

    there is a Mail Spider for this work? thanks - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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    I don't quite get what you're trying to do but I'm going to guess you're wanting to crawl a domain and pull out all of the emails?

    If that is what you are wanting to do there are programs out there that will do it but most are considered spam tools.
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    Really I have try some programs, but they are unable to scan the subfolders in 1 domain

    It is to send personal emails to possible clients, commercial not information, also the Spam does not exist in my country like typified crime - hosting, multimedia, web design, logos, corporate

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