Entire Technology (t/a EntireTech) is a UK based internet provider, offering web solutions to home users and business users, using high avaliability technology and the best customer services.

We currently have reviewed our SHOUTcast prices and have decreased them by 20%. All packages come with 5GB disk space for auto DJ and unmetered bandwidth using CentovaCast control panel.

32Kbps Bitrate:

20 Slots: 2.00 p/m - Order
50 Slots: 3.00 p/m - Order
100 Slots: 4.75 p/m - Order

64Kbps Bitrate:

20 Slots: 3.50 p/m - Order
50 Slots: 4.50 p/m - Order
100 Slots: 6.75 p/m - Order

128Kbps Bitrate:

20 Slots: 4.50 p/m - Order
50 Slots: 5.50 p/m - Order
100 Slots: 8.90 p/m - Order

All our servers are Intel QuadCore 2.4Ghz+, with 4GB PC5400 and a 160GB SATA2 Hard Disk Drive, on 100Mbit port, located in BlueSquare Datacentre Maidenhead, UK.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team either by raising a ticket or e-mailing [email protected].