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    Buy Now, Regret it Later?


    Right after we launched our lightning speed Vision Helpdesk V2 version our sales is touching new heights every month.. Our special refugee offer allowed our users to buy Vision Helpdesk Owned License @ $49.99

    On users request we are extending this offer till 15th Nov 2009. BUY NOW or REGRET IT LATER!!!!

    Vision Helpdesk Owned License

    * With Branding — $49.99 Coupon Code = refugee
    * Without Branding License — $99.99 Coupon Code = refugeebrandfree

    YOU SAVE $250 on With Branding and $300 on Without Branding License.

    This also includes

    * Free Installation of Vision helpdesk.
    * Free Updates and Support for one year.
    * Free Smart Vision Ticket Alert System.

    Vision Helpdesk is a Leading Ajax Web-Based True Satellite Helpdesk, It allows you to manage support for multiple companies from one place.

    Vision Helpdesk Key Features

    * Satellite Helpdesk | Multi-Domain Helpdesk
    * Anti-Spam
    * Robost e-Mail Parser ( Two way e-mail Parsing** | Pre and Post Parser)
    * AJAX Based Rich User Interface
    * Paid Support | Ticket Pay Module ( Integration with WHMCS | Blesta | Add Billing Notes | Create Invoice | Track Payment status much more)
    * Plugin Based (Allows you to enable or disable various plugins)
    * Multi-Language
    * Easy Migration Tool (Allows you to migrate Helpdesk’s like Kayako Support Suite | eSupport | Cerberus | WHMCS etc)
    * Inbuilt Antivirus Tool
    * Auto Upgrades & Installation
    * Google Apps | Google Hosted Emails (POP3 & IMAP SSL)
    * Scrap Book & Private Messaging
    * Submit / Reply Tickets Using Your Favorite Email Client
    * Customized Tool Bar
    * Service Level Agreements
    * Report Generation
    * Online Issue Tracking
    * Custom Fields
    * Ticket Escalation
    * Login Integration
    * Configurable Client Portal
    * Client side quick search facility
    * eMail Ticket Alerts | SMS Alerts
    * Useful Tools : Knowledge Base | Downloads | Predefined | News | Troubleshoot Advance Search | Alerts | Filters | Labels | Flags | Address Book | Calender

    Vision Helpdesk supports Ticket Migration from Kayako 3.x, WHMCS Support Tickets and Cerberus 4.x helpdesk to Vision Helpdesk.

    Vision Heldpesk Online Demo –

    Vision Helpdesk Evaluation Version –

    For more details on this offer check this --

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    my biggest thing is integration into vBulletin or invision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheComputerGuy View Post
    my biggest thing is integration into vBulletin or invision.
    Yes we do offer Login sharing for vBulletin and for Invision we can develop the module for you.

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