LeslieNetworks is running a promo!

We are offering two free Large Business Accounts and four free Starter Accounts for one month.
They will have the same specs as they are on our website (http://www.leslienetworks.info).
To order PM me or contact our support team.

Additional Terms:
  • All "demo" accounts will be asked to pay for the second month after the first month (30 Days) is finished.
  • All "demo" accounts will need to have some sort of content on their site within a week or the account will be terminated and re-offered.
  • All "demo" accounts will need to be in the ENGLISH language.
  • All "demo" accounts will be asked to make a review on LeslieNetworks at the end of the first month (30 Days).
  • All "demo" accounts will also need to agree with the ToS already in place located at: http://leslienetworks.info/tos.php

Current Accounts Left:
Large Business Accounts: 2
Starter Accounts: 4