If you want quality hosting from an honest company then look no further. If you want oversold servers, downtime, and outsourced support then you're in the wrong thread! We adhere to a strict no overselling policy.

Our server limits are determined based on hard disk space which we calculate by taking our available disk space (after the OS) and divide it by 2 (1/2 is actual data, the other half is for local backups). So if we have 500GB of disk space available we really only have room for 250GB worth of accounts.

Uptime is our priority so we DO NOT lease/rent our hardware or host our servers in our basements. We build our servers with server-grade hardware (Xeons, ECC RAM, RAID1 minimum) and host them in a data center with proven uptime and quality (GoRACK.net, dual network connections with blended bandwidth).

We do not outsource our support! Right now our team consists of my partner and myself with 2 additional staff members that assist with daily tasks, coding, and purchasing who will be joining us with support issues in the very near future.

And now for our hosting plans:

Mini Plan (Not publicly advertised)
500MB of RAID1 Disk Space
50GB of Bandwidth (Blended, primarily Level3)

Starter Plan
1GB of RAID1 Disk Space
100GB of Bandwidth (Blended, primarily Level3)
$5/month or $50/year

Adept Plan
3GB of RAID1 Disk Space
300GB of Bandwidth (Blended, primarily Level3)
$10/month or $100/year

Expert Plan
5GB of RAID1 Disk Space
500GB of Bandwidth (Blended, primarily Level3)
$15/month or $150/year

All Plans Include:
cPanel 11
Installatron Auto-Installer
Unlimited Features
ASSP, ClamAV, and Firewall Protected
Local and Offsite backups (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups are rsynced nightly to BQBackups' secure FreeBSD server)
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee