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    Free simple link exchange script?

    Looking for one that is nice and simple. You know when you see on some sites in the side bar they will have some kinks then at the bottom it says Add Your Site? This is what I'm looking for. Not a link directory script. One you know is good, so do not just say 'Google it.'

    I'm looking for it to have a setting where you need to send x number of clicks before it will list you on my site.

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    I presume in PHP? Take a look at: (select sort by: 'free').

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    Creating a script like this yourself would actually be pretty simple if you are familiar with PHP. You simply create a form to accept the link input and then wrote that input to either a flat file or database.

    If you aren't comfortable writing your own script another good site to check for free PHP scripts is, just check under php-scripts

    Hope that helps..

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