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    Sending Messages to Landlines

    I am looking for a third party software that I can use in my PHP script that I can use to send a message to a land line. Very similiar to how some can send a text message to a land line number and have it converted into audio so that the land line user can hear the message.

    Any ideas?

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    Hmmm, perhaps something related to sending voicemail to telephones?

    What precisely do you need in total? Text to audio, or text to audio plus an outgoing dialer of some kind?

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    Lets say theoretically at midnight, I want the number of the total guest that went to my website yesterday to be delivered via the phone. So I would want to pull that information from a column in a database table, and instead of emailing that information to me, I would like to be called at midnight so I can be informed on this information.

    I would say I am looking for text to audio plus an outgoing dialer.

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    If you have or can get a cell phone, sending an SMS message to yourself is easy. You just send a message to a specific email address. That seems like it would be much cheaper than text to audio and an outgoing dialer.

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