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    Domain Name with remote hosting?

    Hello all,

    please be patient with me, im new to dns technical issues.

    What im trying to do is, I have a a web design company that offers hosting for the content we design. Now i have a customer who has a domain name registered through godaddy on their own account. How do i get the website content to appear when a visitor types in the domain name.

    My hosting account has a dedicated ip if that makes a difference.
    I understand that there may be more ways than one to accomplish this task. I would appreciate any and all advise/help. Thanks again. Also, I would be glad to provide more information as necessary.
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    Do you created the customer account in your server . You can create the account in many ways.
    * If your company account is reseller account , then create a new account under your reseller account.
    * If your company account is a ordinary account , the you an create it as an addon domain under your main domain .
    * The DNZ zone file will automatically created once you setup the account from controlpanel .

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    Quote Originally Posted by a11c View Post
    I would be glad to provide more information as necessary.
    Yes. There are a few

    - What kind of hosting account do you possess? Shared, Reseller, VPS or a dedicated server of your own.
    - Do you use any control panel to manage the account? If yes, which one?

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    You could simply ask him to point the name servers to that of you server and the web pages should be rendered fine
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