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    Talking looking for a server for emails

    i have interspire email marketer and huge email lists to send out
    all is part of the same websites network what i`m sending

    i`m looking for a hosting for the mail program to run on
    i know it has to be dedicated but i need something that can handle many emails sending

    any advice ?

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    Any dedicated server should be able to handle it, just make sure your list won't generate a lot of spam complaints (and cause your provider to take the server offline).
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    any advice on how to do that ?
    i mean..on how to be as safe as i can with sending emails

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    what number of emails do you plan to send out per day/week/month?

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    i can limit the software to /hour numbers
    so i`m thinking high nubers since i have a huge list

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    approx numbers though, even if hourly?

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    5k/hour maybe

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    Can you produce confirmation e-mail from every person on your list giving you permission to e-mail them?
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    IF they're all opt-in then it should be fine. Along with that you should also provide a link or an option to opt-out in all of the e-mails that you send.

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    That's really a huge number you plan on sending, but I think its best to follow igxhost advise. Especially providing a link to opt-out.

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