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    Good font for a hosting website menu?

    Can anyone pint me in the direction of a good clean and professional font for a menu?


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    Verdana/Tahoma 8pt.

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    Anti-aliased or not? Meaning, are you going to be using regular editable text, or smoothed graphic text?

    Editable text: Arial, Verdana, Sans-Serif

    Rasterised text: Helvetica Neue Condensed, Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed

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    progrx those fonts are lovely but they aint free

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    Tahoma is an easy favorite for "standard" fonts. I use it for all my main site text go look through the james
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    Verdana or Tahoma are good fonts for text (cause they will still appear bold if you want to make bold small text, where as Arial will not appear bold on smallest fonts).. or download a pixel font if you're gonna make it an image, those work pretty good.
    I have a few pixel fonts if you cant find any for free to download.

    Send me an email if you want them.

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    That's where I got my pixel fonts from... I lost the site though. (until now)

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