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    Post Experience Your Very Own IT Crew. No More Scrap Metal!

    UNIXy takes a truly different approach from the rest in the market. We take full ownership of IT matters for your business. Whether it is one dedicated server or a cluster, we put the brightest and smartest people from our team to assist you. Unlike some leaders in the business, we do not exclude third party applications nor do we charge extra - however long or involved the task at hand may seem. Our pledge to you our customer is work with you to help your business thrive.

    In brief, the service we offer is greater than the sum of its parts. There is no nickel and dimming, no blame game, and no going around in circles. Management acts swiftly on concerns or issues as they arise. Here are few points to keep in mind:

    • All Fully Managed Servers
    • 24/7/365 UNIXy® Stellar Support
    • Word-Class Datacenter Facilities
    • Server-Class Hardware Only
    • GeekArmor™ Server Hardening
    • Free Private Network (VLAN)
    • Geo Failover Ready!
    • Feature-Rich Control Panel
    • Third-party Application Support
    • Free 50GB Backup Storage
    • Custom Script Implementation
    • SQL and Script Root Cause Identification

    Our online store presents a fixed lineup of dedicated servers but we do take custom orders that suit your needs.

    Online store:
    Custom orders:

    Company Info

    UNIXy has been managing all aspect of servers and infrastructure on behalf of businesses and entrepreneurs since 2006. We pride ourselves in the work and effort we put in keeping your servers available and secure. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our stellar support and the fully managed service. Our support crew is very friendly and helpful. We believe that going the extra mile, humanizing support, and treating our customers with care goes a long way towards reaching that goal. Our smallest plan offerings have plenty of resources to empower strong business growth.

    Feel to contact me personally if you have any question or comment. My email address is in the footer.

    Best Regards
    UNIXy - Fully Managed Servers and Clusters - Established in 2006
    [ cPanel Varnish Nginx Plugin ] - Enhance LiteSpeed and Apache Performance - Los Angeles | Houston | Atlanta | Rotterdam
    Love to help pro bono (time permitting). joe >

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    Joe and the team are fantastic!!

    Saved my A** fast

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