I am a reseller for SkyNetHosting.Net for about 3 months now and yes we are new in hosting business. For this pass 2 months I'm having issues with my host server firewall. Every time I get myself blacklist I have to summit a ticket asking for my IP to be whitelist. Its fine with me but I don't think my clients are happy with this as we are getting almost 90% non-renewal rate..

They keep saying its my fault.. Ok, I can take that.. But how do I explain to my clients and most importantly my client's visitors??

Is there anything on the firewall settings that they should tweak to minimize this?

I never had any problem when I was at hostgator...

My ticket to support
My user experience with you guys so far has been excellent, especially the support department and if I were to single out your tech support employee, it has to be Nathan. Thumbs up for his fast and reliable support.

However I have one major complain.. And that is your firewall issue as I keeps getting block/blacklist even for a mere moment of connecting to Luna Server for less than 10sec. Yes, you heard me.. just 10sec after i login to the internet and browse my sites there is a high possibility of my IP getting blacklist.

We're not a pure web hosting company, we received more web design projects where by they also host their website on our server. So you see, we maintain most of our clients website and regular FTP to multiple websites are required.

Here are the list of things I would do 1st thing when I login to internet, including my employee and my business partner. So if we multiply the below by 4 .. We will get blacklist for sure, most of the times!!

1. Login WHMCS
2. Login Livezilla Chat Support
3. Login webmail to check emails
4. FTP Updates on clients sites

I hope you guys can re-look into the firewall sensitivity settings where by it reduce or better still does not effect us business wise.
My Host reply to ticket

I recommend to change ALL your FTP/cPanel passwords at once and if you are saving them on browser, FTP clients not to do it anymore. If possible try to login from a deferent clean laptop/PC and see if you get the same problem.

Kind Regards,
Jessica S.


Customers who save their FTP login credentials in FTP softwares like FileZilla, Cute-FTP, WS_FTP-Pro, Dreamweaver or Frontpage are prone to malicious scripts injections from their PC's using their legit cPanel login details via FTP and the owner of the domain/account were not even aware of it. Your login credentials are leaked to the hackers once a Trojan or Virus gets installed on your Windows Machine.

The easiest way to save your login credentials would be, to save them in a text document without saving the Domain name or Login Host information in the same document. To be absolutely sure your FTP account wont get compromised, we highly recommend you choose a strong password which contains a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters such as $?;: while adding a new FTP login name from your cpanel control panel. If you manage multiple websites may not like this change, but losing your data and then losing your rankings in Search Engines will create more trouble.

Few reads about this:


Thank you for your time.

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SkyNetHosting.Net Inc.
My current ticket

Honestly I don't think this issue can be resolve on the user end as we are currently facing a monthly non-renewal rate of 90% from our clients. If this goes on we would end up losing our reputation and most importantly our business.

Yes, I can tell them the same message that your tech support replied to me. But my clients do not understand and they would rather find a host that are less complicated "firewall sensitive". Is there somehow you can recalibrate the firewall sensitivity, so we all can have our peace?
My client on chat support
Hi Chester.

My Cpanel username is 'justin'.

This is with regards to my problem with the IP whitelist.

I need a no-nonsense answer.

I have visitors from the US complaining that they cannot view my site.

I cannot possibly be whitelisting everyone.

So, is it possible to tweak the filtering/firewall settings?

If it is not possible, I would like to exercise my money-back guarantee and close my account.

I would like a day to download my files and databases if that is possible.

I can pay a pro-rated amount.