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    Advice on blogging software

    So i want to start a blog and this is what i want out of my experience:

    1. a customized domain (
    2. a blog that supports a photo gallery
    3. drag and drop design.. existing templates to work off of
    4. free to get the domain name and host.. at least for a trial period

    any suggestions?

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    I would suggest Wordpress for a blog. It is easy to work with and customize. There are also hundreds of thousands of free design templates you can get, along with many plug-ins and addons for galleries and more...
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    I think if you want a free service go with wordpress or blogger.
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    You really can't go wrong with either WordPress or Blogger, but if you like choice, Mashable made an excellent collection of 40+ blogging services/hosts here.
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    WordPress is by far the best choice for most people. It is eay-to-use, updated regularly, there are lots of easily customizable themes and plenty of useful plug-ins. I use wordPress on my blog at:
    and keep it simple. A simple theme with a customized header photo, six plug-ins, including one to optinmize the post titles and one for pinging. I'm real happy with the results and I can change it quickly!

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    Start with Wordpress~ if it can't handle what you looking for~ then switch to other best players~

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    go for wordpress, easy to use and very easy to customize.
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    Another vote goes for Wordpress. Probably the best system for beginners (easy to setup) and experts (many advanced features) Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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    wordpress is the best. Lots of templates and lots of customizing

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    Wordpress is best blog software. Very easy customization, we can implement our own designs...and has many add-on plugins.

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    Most people don't think of Joomla! for blogs, but if you're looking to set up a blog with any extended capabilities, it's a very good choice. Out of the box, just add one of the many comments extensions, and you've got a full-featured blog site. With hundreds of other extensions to handle things from image galleries to shopping carts, it's an excellent base on which to expand your online offerings.

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    You must know that wordpress with many plugins enabled is very demanding, I think about hardware resources. This is the case when you have 20k+ visitors daily. I know you are starting now, but you never know how fast your site will grow, so you have this on mind.

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    wordpress .

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    I've always found WordPress to be the best CMS. It's open source and your able to obtain plug-ins for ANYTHING you can think of. Best of luck!
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    Yet another vote for Wordpress. The amount of resources available is staggering.

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    Choosing the best blogging software. Wordpress is winning the race.
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    I would suggest wordpress + there's tons of plugins

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