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    Some questions about Virtualization

    Microsoft said this about Microsoft Licensing for Virtualization

    Windows Server 2008 Datacenter
    Run any number of software instances in physical and virtual operating system environments on a server.
    Now,I have some questions:
    1)Is this method of licensing just for hyper-v or we can use it on vmware ESXi or Xen?
    2)How we can use Microsoft Volume Licensing on Vmware ESXi and Xen?
    3)What is the best solution for windows virtualization?(vmware esxi or hyper-v or xen)
    4)what is difference between xen and xenserver?
    5)which control panels we can use for hyper-v,vmware ESXi and xenserver?


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    Actually, I had simular questions...

    Micro$oft's licensing always boggles my mind. We have a client leasing a server and running Win2008 Ent R2 w/HPV...he's created 4 VM's and each requires a key. From what I can gather, he can use the same MAK key that was originally used on the host on each of the 4 guests without any problem, but if he adds another role to the host or uses a different Windows Flavor in the guest, then he need seperate licenses.

    Does that sound correct?

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    Try to contact Microsoft directly or the company that you obtained your license from. They will be of more help and give you a 100% correct answer as all we can do is speculate. Best to always make sure, especially when it comes to Microsoft, otherwise, they will not be too happy and they are one of the last companies you want to upset.

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    Microsoft licensing has always been confusing, and I prefer to keep it simple.

    1. I'm not certain of this, but i'm fairly sure that to create multiple instances of Windows using the same key (from datacenter edition) means they need to actually be hosted inside of the Windows Server 2008 Datacenter edition host.

    2. Read above (again, not certain of this).

    3. I haven't used Hyper-V, only Xen, seems to run great on Xen so no problems there. But i'm also fairly sure that Hyper-V runs them great too.

    4. Xen is the source installation, you can install it on different operating systems like: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, etc. Xenserver is made by Citrix, it's an actual OS with Xen built in. I haven't used it before but i'm guessing it would be easier to use than the Xen source installation as everything comes pre installed.

    5. Sorry, not sure about those. Guessing you could use the normal panels that are hosted on the actual VM though.

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    I use vmware esxi on my servers to separate services for security. I have to recommend it, as it's absolutely the coolest thing i've ever seen.

    When you want to install a new operating system? Just download a standard cd or dvd image (same images as if you were going to burn cds to install a new physical system). Then load the image up in the ESXI virtual cdrom for your node, boot the node and boom you're installing your operating system.

    I recent installed XP home on one of the nodes as my tinker toy box at home was having cpu trouble keeping up with the streaming going to my house in the philippines. It installed and is running without issue.

    The node itself, does not know it's a node. It thinks it's a physical computer. You can install any software (control panels) you want in esxi, as I said, each node thinks it's a physical computer. Each node also requires it's own license. If you wanted to use linux obviously it would be free, but for each windows node you will need 1 license. You can also run linux and windows concurrently. Meaning, a host can run a windows and a linux node at the same time.

    I'm not sure what your goal is (to sell virtual servers, or what). But for my purposes, I have found that ESXI is the only true virtualization. Not to mention, its free for single cpu licenses and the multiple cpu license costs the same (or maybe a little less) than a purchased virtuozzo license and is infinitly better.

    If you have spare hardware laying around, install it... You'll be completely amazed..

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