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Thread: hey there guys

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    hey there guys

    I'm just getting started in the Web Hosting Business, I worked for a big hosting company for about 3 years. They just sold to a company out of the Country I am in. Therefor everyone lost there job, So i was like if I Already know how to do it, why not do it myself. So I finally have everything set up. Just wondering how I can get listed in "Find a host"

    I'm using Dotnetpanel, Windows Server 2008, MySql alongside Microsoft SQL Server.

    I'll be chating here alot seems like a place to get/give answers

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    It looks like they only offer a $49 per category package. Thats all I see at the moment. There are other options as well to get listed. Check out a lot of the directory sites, some may be free. There are definitly cheaper alternatives out there. Check out the print companies too that offer directory listings in their magazine and online sites. i think PingZine offers this for really cheap.

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Thanks Gawk For both Replys As you most likely know Funds are ALWAYS low when starting out lol I will get listed if it's only $50 bucks, but most likely after a bit. But I will be looking into some directorys for sure!

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