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    domain as email address and forwarding?


    Im not too sure about this, so any advice would be good.

    I have a domain which I also want to use as an email address so that people can contact me, for example, [email protected].

    I would like to link that to a separate email host.

    I guess I would use 'email forwarding' from the domain registrar?

    also, the registrar doesnt scan for spam or viruses before it sends it on to my email host (they charge extra for this service), is this a potential problem? in that spam could be sent out from my domain to other people?
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    That is always a potential problem. I would recommend paying the extra for some kind of good spam blocker and protection if you are that worried about it. Shop around, there are many companies out there. I also believe Godaddy and Google offer these services with email forwarding.
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    Gmail has a fantastic spam catcher. Forward your mail to your Gmail account.

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    Thanks guys

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    an additional question:

    Is buying email hosting from the same company that you have registered domain names with bad practice? (in the same way that buying webhosting from your domain registrar is bad practice?).

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