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    I do NOT recommend Hosteurope.
    I tried to be a customer there for over 1 year ago.
    They sended me a contract, and i needed to sign to be customer.
    I did not agreed the terms in contract and therefor i did not sign the contract.

    After 3-4 or maybe 5-6 months they started charging me 12,6EUROs, sometimes 14 and 15 euros.
    And i did not get it stopped before they had charged me 180 EURO's.

    They have now stopped it, FINALLY. But they do not offer any refund/compansation.

    I do not recommend hosteurope do any of my customers.

    Dont risk being fraud'ed like i did!

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    How can they charge you if you have not signed up with them ? - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    Do you have any idea what they did you charged for? Maybe you exceeded your bandwith limit?

    Also if you have language problems with the billing cause it is in german (i don't know if it is) but I speak german so feel free to ask me to translate it for you

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    Yeah, I'm a little confused here as well. How did they get to charge you with that and actually get the money, when you didn't even sign up? What do they charge you for anyway?

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    Thumbs down Fraud

    Quote Originally Posted by akirah View Post
    Yeah, I'm a little confused here as well. How did they get to charge you with that and actually get the money, when you didn't even sign up? What do they charge you for anyway?
    I was going to be customer, and submitted an registration and order, and also wrote my credit card to pay the server.

    But when i have finished the registration and ordering process, they said i have to sign a contract to be a customer.
    When i have signed that, and send it to Germany(i am from norway)i will be customer.

    I readed the contract, and did not agree the terms and said i do not want to be customer with that terms.

    Then after a few months they started charging me, and i have never seen any server or anything. And i have mailed them many times and told them to stop taking my money, i also mailed them and said "OKAY TAKE MY MONEY, BUT TELL ME WHAT THE HELL I AM PAYING FOR ?". They couldnt find me in their system, and they could even not send me server details of what they for a few weeks told me they war charging me for.
    Then they finally found a server ip they said was mine, and that was the server i have paid for.
    ********, why have they not sent me that one earlier?

    They ain't even interested in giving me a server for the time i have paid the past years as compensation.

    Iv also seen on other threads that their support many times is very bad and their handling of many cases is very fraud- likely.

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    they are the worst host in the world.
    I can write a book on what they do wrong at that place.
    I never knew web hosting can exist with such bad customer service.

    Just an Hint their support is 7 hours 5 days a week. So if your server is pulled offline on friday, you are done. Till monday. They really suck. They need to close down.
    mission critical!

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