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    Buying hositng customers from another hosting company

    Hey Ya'll,
    Just was wondering what the going price is to buy off another hosting companies virtual hosting clients.

    Is there a standard?
    Most of these hosting clients are around $10 per month.
    Some yearly, some monthly, and so on.

    Has anyone done this before?
    Thanks, Matt

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    Yearly, depending on when they renew offers little value. For example, if they renewed like 2 days before you bought them, you'd practically have to host them for a year before you saw anything. Then, if they leave, you've hosted them all that time for nothing.

    For monthly, I think the going rate is still 6 to 9 months of revenue. So, the clients would be worth 6 x $10, or 9 x $10. They may be willing to take a lower price for quicker sale.
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