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    SSH Management Software?

    Does anyone know of any software applications available of which would allow staff/employees to log into SSH while actively logging all input and prohibiting certain commands from being run?

    A list of applicable servers to log into would be amazing as well, although that might be reaching too far.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm looking into this for a similar reason...

    If there are any others out there it would be interesting to compare since I've not seen anything else yet having looked around a bit.
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    To only allow certain commands, you'd need to roll your own
    custom login shell - or install one which is already customisable,
    like lshell for example -
    This one requires python installed to work.
    There are probably many more around to choose from.
    Some shells allow command logging to a 'history' file, and
    you'd just need to ensure user can't delete it, if this is
    the way you're going with logging.

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    securecrt is an option ..but it doesn't have the restricted kind of access control
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