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    Advertising Business.. two things..

    hello, i'm starting an advertising business i have two things..

    1. can anyone recommend a site builder (preferably offline) that has business listing templates built in? like a directory website template for posting businesses.. picture, menu, google map stuff like that.. so the website would really just ask me for the info.. and be set up to arrange it the same way everytime

    2. also the builder im lookin for should preferably be an off site builder but not necessary. i'd like a drag and drop builder.. also i need templates built in that i can edit and modify, i don't want to start from scatch. Or if i have to start from scratch, very easy to use drag and drop, no raw html coding.

    If I can't find a builder to facilitate number 1 from above then I guess i'd have to just do a regular static site and make all the pages individually but that seems time consuming.

    I haven't found anything that satisfies 1 yet, but I've found these sites.. any thoughts on them as well would be appreciated.
    wordpress... but this is only for blogging right?

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    WordPress is not only for blogging, it's a very good -Content Manager System-. got a similar system.

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    Joomla is brilliant and can be heavily modified.

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