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    recommend best managed and un managed dedicated server provider

    I am looking for best dedicate server providers.
    in term of down time, reliability and support

    my budget is $150-200 no more than that

    for umanaged
    looking for intel i7 , Intel Xeon X5482 , xeon X5560 (any stronger processing)
    Ram 8-12 Gb
    2*1 tb drive raid 1
    100-1000 mps connection
    13 usable ip
    network level protection
    99.9 or 100% uptime

    for managed

    processing same as above
    ram 4-8 GB
    2*500 G drive raid 1
    1*250 G drive for backup
    13 usable ip
    quick support , max 1 hr hw replace SLA
    99.9 or 100% uptime

    payment credit card monthly basis no terms
    Bandwidth 1-4tb , 100-1000 mbps port
    Thanks in advance

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    Toronto, Canada
    Do you have any preferred location? Are you looking for servers in the U.S.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by igxhost View Post
    Do you have any preferred location? Are you looking for servers in the U.S.?
    looking in US

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    With that "beefy" of hardware and bandwidth i would think about upping your budget a bit, unless you want to compromise the stability of the network or support. Or lower you required hardware specs. Just my opinion. Also my opinion for best support stability and preformance. I would have to say gigenet. Without the top notch support or a provider what doesn't have a 100% network uptime SLA try 1and1. There support is a little shady but for there prices the network stability and speed is great. Just my opinions

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    You need to increase your budget especially if you want a managed server and a powerful server.
    Specially 4 You
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    Seminole, OK
    1,575 has some good servers
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    Are you looking for managed server ?
    You need increase your budget

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    you need to increase your budget
    150 to 200$ is very low

    though you can get an unmanaged server in these rates

    but getting a fully managed server is impossible

    Thank you
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    It would be hard to find a managed dedicated server with the budget you are expecting. I agree with others that you should need to raise your budget.
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