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    Backup server needed (cheap with big hard drive)

    I'm looking for a dedicated machine that will be used solely for rsync backups. (I don't want to use a shared rsync solution)

    Requirements are simple, at least 1TB HD and < $99 a month. Should have a decent amount of RAM and processor, but other than that, I would think any reputable provider would do.

    Most places I find a suitable server for $49 and then see it's another $50/mo. to upgrade to a 1TB hard drive. Hard to believe the markup for these larger drives considering they go for, what $89 now?

    Any suggestions?

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    Did you have looking into the dedicated advertisment forum here?
    If you need the box only for backup then the cpu isn't so much important.
    A cheap box is fine; however for a better security you would consider 2 drives on RAID.
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    A lot of factors need to be considered with this. Do you want to be hosted on a dedicated server or would you want a shared type of server where you can send backups to? The latter will be much cheaper than the first. It all depends on what specs you are looking for if you want to use a dedicated server for backups. Have you looked into using a VPS with a large amount of disk space?

    You don't necessarily need a dedicated server unless you plan to use the server other than the purpose of backups.

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