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    Exclamation CMS for my Hosting Website

    Hi ,
    Im starting to make my own hosting company and want to know about the possibilities of making my hosting website. I mean what cms to use ?

    If there any all in one package available for hosting site pages (index,hosting plans,features etc) + Ordering and Billing + Cpanel account creation?

    Currently am working on static html page for site pages and trying to include DHCart wihtin it.
    But i think it would be great if i get a all in one package, may be open source ?

    Please advice me on this, i would really appreciate providing links to such cms's.

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    Greetings might b,

    What your looking for is a template which you did describ, not a CMS. CMS is Joomla, phpNuke, ect. (CMS is Content Management System). As far as I know there isn't a all in one package but I could be wrong there.

    WHMCS is one of the best billing/support software that I've encountered myself.


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    +1 for WHMCS as well - It has everything you're looking for besides the hosting pages for your website unless you want to use their shopping cart template and integrate your website (which I wouldn't recommend). It has a very clean interface and easy to setup/use. Some of the other available billing systems that might interest you are, for plesk billing,,

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    Thanks @chris,antony.
    I looked over WHMCS and the price is such that i cant afford. I got this reseller from an offer and i didn't even expected that i will start a hosting business. so i prefer starting with a free script, is there any such one ? please advice thanks

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    WHMCS starts with a free trial but I don't think there are many free billing softwares that are as good. PHP Coin from cpanel/Fantastico is free. I just checked on my server account to make sure.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks am heading over to use it

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    Your Welcome Might B,

    If you need any futher help, just ask. I don't visit often here due to being very busy but tend to help when I am around. PHP Coin should be very easy to setup via cpanel's Fantastico. Setting up will take just a bit longer since a user/database has to be setup.


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