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    Canadian host with separate accounts?

    Anyone aware of a hosting company with all of their hardware in Canada who offers in their basic accounts the ability to host multiple domains without using sub-domains or sub-folders.

    I want to host several domains with individual administration and security so that a bad script or hack of one wont affect the other domains.

    Hoping to do it with a single account.

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    You can use this link to request quote from hosting providers.
    A reseller account would be good if you want to host multiple domains. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
    Reseller Hosting Cpanel PURE SSD CloudLinux Softaculous
    Windows Reseller Asp.NET 4.5 MSSQL 2012 SmarterMail Enterprise

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    Have tried that. None of the referred hosts offered what I was seeking.

    Have found one that will do it as a special case, but not at an acceptable cost.

    Have found which offers it for up to 10 domains, but threads on this site, and the non-operation of their customer forum, have given me pause.

    So, my search continues. I thought someone here may know of a host, other than those on this site's referral program, offering what I seek.

    Have looked at reseller accounts too, although I wont be reselling, and that may be the way to go.

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    Which part of Canada? Its a big country

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    As long as the technical support is fluent in English, anywhere in the country. I believe we now have cables running from the east coast to the west (although not yet from the south to the north), so no more stopping the message in the suburbs of Vancouver or Toronto or Halifax, transcribing it onto birch bark, then dog sledding the message among the populations between the two

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    If you have trouble finding Canada based Windows hosting company with your requirements then you could check in USA, IMHO the distance is not so long.

    Regards - Windows Web hosting information and resources.

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    Currently I have a US based host with whom I have been very happy. The problem is Canada has a federal privacy law that Canada's federal privacy commissioner says requires Canadians to enter contracts with the companies to whom they will transfer collected personal information.

    Consequently, we have to get our hosting companies to sign contracts covering the points shown below.

    American hosts are going to have to say, "Sorry, we comply with American law and we are not signing that." That means compliant Canadian's collecting or using personal information via their web sites will have to move their hosting back to Canada.

    Even the Canadian hosts I have spoken with are unfamiliar with the requirement of their customers to get the hosts to sign these agreements. A couple of them have their legal departments looking at it right now. I have asked the federal privacy commissioner's office to clarify her position on it. Right now there appears to be a legal duty on Canadian web site owners to enter the contract but no legal duty on the hosts to enter the contract. Crazy situation.

    In the Commissioner's "A Guide for Businesses and Organizations" at under "Your Privacy Responsibilities"
    Their checklist for my legal compliance includes:

    Third party transfers
    Do you use contracts to ensure the protection of personal information transferred to a third party for processing?
    Does the contract limit the third party's use of information to purposes necessary to fulfil the contract?
    Does the contract require the third party to refer any requests for access or complaints about the information transferred to you?
    Does the contract specify how and when a third party is to dispose of or return any personal information it receives?
    Their description of my duties includes:

    When transferring personal information to third parties, ensure that they:

    Name a person to handle all privacy aspects of the contract.
    Limit use of the personal information to the purposes specified to fulfil the contract.
    Limit disclosure of the information to what is authorized by your organization or required by law.
    Refer any people looking for access to their personal information to your organization.
    Return or dispose of the transferred information upon completion of the contract.
    Use appropriate security measures to protect the personal information.
    Allow your organization to audit the third party's compliance with the contract as necessary.

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